Achilles Tendon Pain Case Study – University of Limerick

Do you have achilles tendon pain?


The University of Limerick is conducting a case series study investigating the effects of a 12 week graded exercise programme on pain and tendon structure in people with Achilles tendon pain.

We are seeking individuals who have had achilles tendon pain for 12 weeks or more

If so, please consider volunteering for this achilles tendon pain study.

What is the aim of the study?
The aim of the study is to:
Explore the impact of Achilles tendon pain on physical activity and daily activities.
Assess the effect of a 12 week exercise program on pain and tendon structure in people with achilles tendon pain. 

Who are we looking for?
We invite volunteers with painful achilles tendon. You will be able to continue to exercise if you are currently doing so and must not have had surgery to your affected achilles in the past.

What will I have to do?
A clinical examination of your achilles tendon will be performed. We will perform various measures of your tendon ranging from strength, power, flexibility, foot posture, imaging, your tendon using real time ultrasound and pain threshold amongst others using various non invasive devices. You will then be provided a comprehensive rehabilitation program for 12 weeks which can be performed at home. Support and advice will be provided throughout the program through 1:1 contact, video blogs and other multimedia if any concerns should arise. The same measurements will be repeated immediately after 12 week program.

Where will I have to go?
Testing will take place in the Health Sciences Building at University of Limerick. The research supervisors are chartered physiotherapists experienced in the management of achilles tendon pain.

For further information, click here for the Volunteer Information Sheet

If you are interested, please contact:
Sean McAuliffe: 0872223564

Kieran O’Sullivan: 061234119

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