Decathlon’s Trail Running Essentials

Earlier this year, Kristin from Decathlon got in touch again asking if would be happy to run another promotional campaign.

This time, she asked what would be the essential gear that trail runners would need in Ireland.  After a bit of consideration, we shortlisted three pieces of gear that we feel any trail runner must invest in:

  • A pair of trail running shoes
  • A waterproof / breathable jacket
  • A trail running bag

So Kristin went back through Decathlon’s catalogue, and suggested the three items below and was kind enough to send samples for us to play with.

Kiprun Trail XT6 Trail Running Shoes

Price:  €73.27

What Decathlon says:  Uncompromising grip, front and rear cushioning and effective support make the XT6 the most versatile trail shoe around combining performance, pleasure and safety.

What we say:  This is a quality shoe that looks really good and strong.  It offers great traction and stability.  Warning:  this shoe is for narrow feet!

For more info click on images below:

iprun Trail XT6 Men’s Trail Running Shoes

Kiprun Trail XT6 Women’s Trail Running Shoes

Waterproof Jacket Trail Running

Price:  €86.60

What Decathlon says:  Designed for trail runners training or competing in rainy weather.  The jacket is waterproof, lightweight (250g) and breathable.

What we say:  The jacket looks good.  It is lightweight and compact.  The hood can be tightened around the head and stays nicely on while running.  No issue with the waterproof, but might not be the most breathable jacket.  Offers great protection against elements when things get rough out there.

For more info click on images below:

Men’s Waterproof Jacket Trail Running

omen’s Waterproof Trail Running Jacket

Trail Running Bag

Price:  €33.30

What Decathlon Says:  designed for trail runners wanting to carry a few supplies with them and stay hydrated easily as they run.  The bags offer variable capacity (men: 9L to 14L  –  Women 7L to 13L).  The bag comes with a two litres water bladder and a safety whistle.  It is lightweight:  460g men, 380g women.

What we say:  This is a very cleverly designed bag.  The various compartments and pockets offer many options to carry water and various things for your run.  We love the waterproof compartment (handy for Irish weather) and the variable capacity (up to 14L for men or 13L for women).   The velcro seals are a bit awkward to use and the bag takes a bit to adjust.

For more info click on images below:



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