Ian Conroy: Podcast Trail Running Ireland #5

First up, Eoin Flynn is joined by fellow Irish International and winner of the EcoTrail 29k 2019, Ruairi Long, who brings us the latest trail and mountain running race news from home and abroad, including, dare we say it, some races to look forward to from August onwards!!

(11m10s) Our expert trail running coach Rene Borg talks to us about the adaptations our body needs to make as we hit the trails and some excellent training tips so help us get the most out of our running.

Rene can be contacted at www.runningcoach.ie

Interview: Ian Conroy

(29m50s) For our feature interview, Eoin speaks with Ian Conroy who has ran for Ireland 21 times over 11 years and who has won 3 gold masters medals at the World Masters Mountain Running Championships.

Ian talks to us about:
• What it meant to him to qualify to run for Ireland in the 2019 World Championships as he was going through a difficult period for his family
• How he has fought through his own mental challenges over the years as he accumulated 21 caps running for Ireland
• His best races in an Irish jersey
• How he got the best from his body as he conquered the World Mountain Masters running championships with 3 gold medals
• How he gets to peak fitness for the most important races of the year

A big thank you to show sponsor, EcoTrail Wicklow, taking place on Sept 26th 2020.

Finally, a special thanks to Basic Needs with Trail runner Shane O´Mahony from Cork on drums, for our very cool soundtrack.

Get your running gear on, let´s go!

A big thanks to our show sponsor, EcoTrail Wicklow, taking place on Sept 26th 2020.

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