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Trail Running Ireland is a project developed by various trail running enthusiasts from Ireland and beyond.  Trail Running Ireland is not a business and there is no financial gain in the project.  It is only a platform to help develop Trail Running/Fast Hiking in Ireland as well as promote Ireland as a fantastic Trail Running destination.

The content of this blog is for information only and is only valid at the time it is published.  Anyone using the information to go out, must thoroughly plan, bring adequate clothing, bring safety gear and be ready for any eventuality.

Trail running or fast hiking, like any outdoors sports, involves a level of danger.  Being out in the elements can be hazardous and anyone wishing to get involved in the sport must have proper dedicated gear, a decent level of fitness and bring safety gear to be ready for any eventuality.

The weather in Ireland can change very fast, and a bright sunny day can quickly turn into a miserable rainy day with gale force winds and no visibility.  Without proper equipment and training, anyone caught in the rain, fog and wind can quickly get lost, suffer from hypothermia, get injured and potentially die!

Before you go out, please think of the following questions:

  • Have you checked the weather?
  • Have you planned your route?
  • Have you told someone where you are going?
  • Is your mobile phone fully charged?
  • Will you be able to navigate?
  • Do you have proper gear for any weather eventuality?
  • Do you have enough food and water?
  • Do you have safety gear and a plan if something goes wrong?

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