Massey’s Woods and the Hellfire Club: 7 km – 235m ⇧


A short, moderate run within easy reach of Dublin by car or bike. Park car or bike at the end of Cruagh Lane/ Lamberts Lane, after passing through the stud (53.254888, -6.308694). There are a number of cafes and pubs in the area for post-run snacks. Try the Hazel House or Timbertrove for good lunch food and good coffee, or The Merry Ploughboy pub for a meal.

Route Data

Route Description

The route is a mixture of singletrack and fireroad trails, with a short tarmac crossing over the R115. From the car, head uphill on the singletrack on the left-hand side of the woods. Follow this to the ruins of Massey’s House, then head towards the R115 on the Dublin Mountains Way. Pass across the R115 to the Hellfire Club carpark and take the trail up to the left out of the car park.

Follow the switchbacks up the hill, until the narrow and hard to see left turn. This singletrack cuts straight across the hill to a great view of Dublin. From here, head back uphill to the Hellfire Club itself and enjoy the steep descent back to the car park. Once back in Masseys, descend to the river and enjoy the riverside cruise back to the start.



Massey’s Woods tends to be quiet, leafy and peaceful
There is room for a small number of cars once past the stables- remember to be courteous to local residents and keep the road clear
Plenty of trails await the curious in Massey’s Woods

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