UTMB 2017: Battle of the Titans!

It is UTMB Weekend!!! For those who do not know yet, UTMB (Ultra Trail Mont Blanc) is on this weekend.  On Friday the 1st of September, 2000 participant will start at 5pm to compete in one of the toughest trail race in the world:  approximately 166 kilometres (103 mi) around the…

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Monte Rosa Travel Suggestions

Val d'Ayas

by Cindy Doyle Monte Rosa Travel Suggestions During our Monte Rosa trip, we ran in the Gressoney and Ayas Valleys. Each vying for number one position in our hearts. In fact, the valleys were so different that to compare them directly would be both impossible and unfair. Rather, they complement…

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Trails in Valle di Gressoney

by Cindy Doyle Trails in the Gressoney Valley Sentieri del Lys There are any number of amazing trails in Gressoney. For example, the Sentieri del Lys on its’ own would make for a wonderful running trip. It is suggested that walkers hike it over 9 days and there are options to…

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