Trail Kids

The objective of Trail Kids is about getting kids outdoors, moving and having a great time through trail running. Kids are exposed to trail running via a number of different ways, beginner workshops, school days out, birthday parties, weekly training sessions and advanced weekend training for more specialised trail and mountain runners.

The goal of every session is to maintain and develop a positive relationship with kids, trail running and the outdoors. This is achieved through a child centred approach to the sessions where we challenge the kids with a variety of skills to accomplish on the trails. The kids are encouraged to run when they can, walk when needed, all at the pace of the child. Each child is encouraged to their own best in the sessions. When needed, technical trails are broken down and movement skills are focused on.

To assist with the fun element of the sessions Trail Kids use a games & adventure based approach to the sessions. They incorporate slacklines & ninjalines in the sessions to work on some key components – balance, coordination, reaction, body awareness, leg and upper body strength.

Trail Kids organises sessions in Dublin, Wicklow, Galway, Meath, Wicklow, and Carlow and are looking for good location to expand.

Trail Kids also organises fundraising events and have raised over €2000 for Mountain Rescue.

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