Trail Running Clothing

Think protection and breathability!  Trail running might bring you to remote areas, and you must be ready for whatever the elements throw at you.  Extra pockets, support and compression can also improve your trail running experience.

Base layer:

NO COTTON: think breathability! Trail Running is a high intensity activity and expect to sweat.  A fitted breathable base layer will help evacuate the moisture from your body. For colder weather, use a warmer breathable base layer.

Windproof Jacket:

A windproof jacket is really handy on windy or cooler days or under light rain (as we have plenty in Ireland).  Most trail running windproof jackets come with a hood for extra protection and warmth if needed.

Waterproof Jacket:

This is a must!  Choose a hooded breathable waterproof jacket that will give you protection against the rain and the wind, or keep you warm if you slow down or stop. 

Shorts – Leggings:

Some shorts or leggings come with extra pocket that are handy to hold your phone, keys, energy foods and even small soft water containers.


protection from sun and cold are important.  There again, breathable are important. Fleece material will keep you warm even in wet conditions.

Socks & Compression:

Some trail running socks offer extra ankle support to help prevent ankle injuries.  Double layer socks prevent blisters. For longer runs, compression socks are useful to help blood circulation.

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